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About reCAPTCHA4net

reCAPTCHA4net is a fork of Recaptcha for .NET project. It allows to easily integrate Google reCAPTCHA service into ASP.NET web application. Both Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC are supported. While reCAPTCHA4net has full backward compatibility with the Recaptcha for .NET assemblies, it supports updated reCAPTCHA API, which provides the No CAPTCHA experience. You can check how the updated widget works on the demo page.

Preview of the reCAPTCHA widget

Initial public version of reCAPTCHA4net is released. The code is equipped with set of compatibility tests, which give confidence that each public member of the Recaptcha for .NET assemblies is still available and has the same signature. So, you do not have to modify your code to migrate to the reCAPTCHA4net. Even though, previous versions of members are marked as deprecated. Therefore it is recommend to use the new versions to have full advantage of the latest version of the reCAPTCHA API.


You can install reCAPTCHA4net in your project with downloaded assemblies, or as NuGet package.
To install using NuGet, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:
PM> Install-Package reCAPTCHA4net

Source Code

reCAPTCHA4net is open source. Feel free to clone or download the code, create a fork or make a pull request. Visit the Source Code page to do it. Apart sources of the reCAPTCHA4net and tests, you also can find Sample web projects there.
Please note, the solution contains Shared Project, so you have at least Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 installed to open it. You can use the latest version of free Visual Studio Community 2013 to work with the source code.

Questions and Issues

If you have any question or suggestion, related to the reCAPTCHA4net, feel free to start a new discussion at the Discussions page.
If you find any issue or bug then please log them at the Issues page.

What is next

The next things are planned to be done:
  • Documentation: how to install and use the reCAPTCHA4net.
  • Improvements in the NuGet package.
  • Support of all features, provided by the reCAPTCHA API, like audio CAPTCHA and multiple widgets on the page.

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